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Quick & Easy Camping Meals on a Budget

Quick & Easy Camping Meals on a Budget

Camping is fun especially when you share this time with family and friends. However if you re camping in the traditional sense of the word and don’t have a gas or electric stove on hand; you will have to be a little more creative with your meals. Don’t worry; there are plenty of meals that you can make for breakfast, lunch and dinner over an open fire that will leave you waiting for the next camping trip to come so you can enjoy them again. Below you will find an ideal camping meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



If you want a quick and easy breakfast that is perfect for camping, then this is the way to go. All you need is some biscuit mix, sausage, eggs and cheese if you want to create a delicious biscuit breakfast sandwich over an open fire. Use a Muffin tin and grease heavily and then add one egg to each opening, do the same thing with the biscuits. Allow both to cook until done while cooking the sausage on a cast iron skillet. Combine all ingredients together when finished to create a tasty breakfast sandwich everyone is sure to enjoy.



While quesadillas may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about camping foods; this is one quick, easy tasty solution that makes a great light midday lunch. Simply tear off little pieces of foil big enough to close up around a tortilla that is folded in half. Add your choice of ingredients to the inside of the tortilla along with your favorite cheese and then fold the foil and crimp around the edges. Place the packets on the fire and flip them every couple of minutes until the tortilla is browned and the cheese inside is melted.



One of the most preferred foods of kids of all ages is pizza and what better way to end a perfect day camping than with their favorite food for dinner. While you are not going to be able to just pop a pizza in the oven; you can crate pizza just as good if not better than over an open flame. Place premade pizza dough into a Dutch oven and press down into place to form the crust, add a layer of sauce, a layer of cheese and finish it off with your choice of toppings before cooking to perfection over the open flames of your grill.

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