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The Best Camping Hammock to Relax in Your Adventures

The Best Camping Hammock to Relax in Your Adventures

Camping hammocks are a convenient and comfortable alternative to outdoor chairs when camping, hiking, or just hanging out at the park. They're lightweight and easy to set up, so you can easily carry one in your backpack.

Hammocks are a fun way to elevate your camping trip. Whether you’d like a complete setup for backpacking, a comfortable setup for car camping or camping trip, or relaxing in your backyard, we got you covered.

To help you find which camping hammock is right for you, whether you want something with mosquito protection or an insulated hammock, we've rounded up the best camping hammocks.

The All-in-One Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Many reviews praise how well this Hammock’s structured mesh keeps mosquitoes away. With its three functions, this portable hammock protects you and your children from mosquitoes and insects and then becomes an ordinary tree hammock when pulled out. And when set up, it can serve as a ground hammock for camping.

It’s spacious enough for two people. The aluminum support rods allow the hammock to be fully opened up to create extra space for sleeping. With a load capacity of up to 500 pounds and is suitable for two people or two to four children. A small chandeliers hook is designed inside to illuminate your outdoor camping night. It is the best option for family trips and camping.


What to Look for In a Camping Hammock

  • Single capacity hammocks: Hammocks generally come in either single or double capacities. Singles are great if you're looking for a light backpack that won't weigh too much. Doubles are ideal for two people or larger users.
  • Weight Savings: You’ll find both ultra-lightweight and regular hammocks. If you plan to carry your hammock with other camping equipment, ultralight options are ideal. They're lighter but they can be less durable. If you’re just going to be using a hammock for occasional use or around camp, then you can probably get away with a non-ultralite version.
  • If you plan to use your hammock as a bed, look for a hammock designed for all-night comfort. These bags often come with built-in netting and advanced features like storage compartments and gussets.
  • Suspension Straps: Does the hammock come with an easy-to-use webbing and suspension system? Or will you need to purchase one separately?

    Types of Camping Hammocks

    Every day hammock

    These hammocks are ideal for everyday use and relaxing around camp with a favorite book. They don't come with all the features necessary for overnight camping. It doesn't mean you couldn't use them as an ultralight backpacker hammock, but you'd have to invest in a mosquito net and rain fly.

    Overnights Hammock Camping

    Backpacking hammock systems have also become extremely popular among backpackers with back problems. Most hammock designs include an integrated bug net, so you can pair them with a rain tarp for waterproof camping. Backpacking hammocks provide a comfortable night’s rest in the wilderness when paired with a sleeping bag.

    Some people use them in warm weather, but others add an under quilt or sleeping pad for extra warmth. To that end, you'll find a whole bunch of accessories designed specifically for overnighters like gear sling, organizer, and underquilt.

    An underquilt keeps you warm when sleeping in a hammock. A sleeping pad is an inflatable or foamy pad that you place in the hammock. If you are tent camping, you might already have a sleeping bag on hand. However, they can often be bulky when used in a hammock. Before using a sleeping pad, test whether it works well with your hammock.


    Camping Hammock FAQs

    Should I go for a bridge hammock or a banana hammock?

    A banana hammock is a standard, bunched-end hammock is your standard hammock. They’re small and compact so they’re easy to carry. A bridge hammock uses two spreader bars at each end to create a rectangular-shaped bed frame. They're more spacious for people who don't normally sleep on their back but are significantly heavier and often much more expensive, too.


    Which sort of straps is best?

    Most hammocks have a whoopie sling (or daisy chain) for hanging. Slings are ropes with loops that adjust to fit different sizes. They're usually the lightest option for backpackers and fast travelers. Daisy chain straps have loops and the hammock hangs from them. To attach the hammock to the daisy chains, you need to use a carabiner. The bonus with Daisy Chain Straps is that you can use them to attach gear to other loops.


    Why should I choose a hammock over a tent?

    Most campers' main concern is weight. Hammocks are usually significantly lighter than tents. Remember that you’ll need a bug net and a tent for most camping trips. Getting bitten by mosquitoes and waking up wet makes for the worst night's sleep of your life. 

    If you’re camping in an area with rocky or uneven terrain, hammocks are an excellent choice. On those occasions when I've slept outside, I've often wished that I'd taken a hammock instead, but I haven't regretted doing so.

    That doesn't mean that hammocks are best suited for any backcountry adventures. Something to hang it from (a rope) is essential for a hammock to hang from a tree.


    Is a Hammock Better Than a Tent?

    Both tents and hammocks provide adequate and reliable shelter from the elements. Your personal preference will determine which type of shelter you choose.

    There’s no better feeling than being rocked to sleep by a hammock.


    Is a Hammock Warmer Than a Tent?

    The short answer is no. A hammock is usually cooler than sleeping in a tent because the ground provides a lot of insulation. That being said, a hammock with proper insulation and shelter could be comfortable and warm — no matter what the temperature. Make sure to find the right type of sleeping pad or underquilt for maximum warmth.

    For the most severe weather conditions, four-season tent camping is still the best option.


    Is a Double Hammock Too Big for One Person?

    A double hammock can be used to comfortably support two people. It is usually rated to safely carry up to 400 pounds. Two people can share the same hammock, but it's usually not comfortable to sleep together with someone else in a hammock.

    Double hammocks are popular among single users. Some sleepers prefer to use the extra material to stretch out and others like to wrap the hammocks’ material around themselves like a cocoon. Double hammocks are usually heavier than single hammocks, but they offer some good comfort that you may find worth the extra weight.

    Best Camping Hammock for Your Adventures

    Camping in a tent is fun; however, camping out in a hammock under the stars takes backcountry adventures to a whole new level.

    Unless you're camping out in a bell-tent, trailer-tent, or yurt, you tend to sacrifice comfort when you camp. When I’ve got to sleep rough, I use a rolled-up sweater inside my sleeping bag as a pillow. Why should you strip back comfort even further and sleep out under a hammock rather than in a tent? Aside from the fact hanging out in a hammock between two trees looks insanely awesome, there are more benefits than you might think.

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