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14 in 1 Survival Kit


This outdoor survival kit is equipped with 14 practical tools with multi-function:

1. Multi-Function Compass: 360-degree rotating bezel for easy navigation, compass glows in the dark.

2. Wire Saw: about 3 inches in size

3. Whistle: High-Frequency Double Hole Whistle

4. Saber Card: Credit card size, easy to fit in your wallet or bag. Can opener, cap opener, 4 position wrench, 2 position wrench, butterfly wrench, directional wrench, screwdriver, knife blade, saw blade, ruler, and key chain.

5. Multiple-function Tactical Knife

6. Mini Light / key chain.

7. Water Bottle Retaining: Simple and solid way to carry a water bottle.

8. Tactical Torch Flashlight: A compact handheld flashlight that magnifies the beam or amplifies the illumination. With ultra-high-brightness LED lights, you can run for a few hours with just one AA battery (AA battery not included).

9. Emergency Thermal Blanket: Provides protection in cold or warm weather conditions.

10. Multi-function scrape

11. Firer steins fire starter

12. Emergence Tungsten Steel Pen: Made of tungsten steel for superior strength and portability, breaking window glass, and escaping in an emergency situation.

13.  Carrying and storage case

LIGHTWEIGHT - The size of the survival kit is only 6.4 x 4.1 x 1.9 inches, weight is only 1 pound.  Comes in a waterproof box, perfect to leave in your EDC bag, or car, or take with you in your bug-out bag.

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL -The survival kits in this 10-piece set of survival kits are versatile, and there are dozens of functions in a few simple tools to meet the diverse needs of outdoor survival. The emergency blanket 82" x 52" size accommodates tall adults.