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Camping Cooking Set



The set includes 2 pots, or 2 pots and kettle, and a mesh storage bag

A nonstick finish makes for an easy cleanup

Pots nest inside each other and then nest in the pan; all stores easily in the included mesh bag.

  • Technical Specs
    Best Use



    5 x 4 inches

    Cookware Material



    Lightweight aluminum

    Nonstick Surface



    1.3 L pot with flip-out lid and wire handles; 2.3 L pot with flip-out wire handles and 1 L kettle interior with the non-stick finish; mesh bag


    Up to 12.7 oz. ounces


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fuji A.

Boils water sooooo fast. I made 8 mountain house meals with 1 fuel can and brought it back half full at least.

Avid shopper

I bought this cup for its windscreen base to use with my MSR Pocket Rocket pro stove. I just cut three slots into the base plate and insert my stove legs up into the windscreen fins. That mod makes for a great wind resistant stove kit. My only complaint is that the cup is slightly larger and heavier than I would have liked, since I only use it to make a cup of coffee in the morning. I don't have any plans to use the top cup, but it is well made also.


Here's the short version:

- it's anodized aluminum - not as feather weight as titanium, but still very light - the stated weight is 290 g / 10.2 oz (I'll weigh this once my digital scale comes in)
- it is one of the relatively few lightweight backpacking pots that offer heat exchange (HE), which should - in theory - shorten boil time
- to test this theory, I used a SOTO Windmaster canister stove: from room temp water at about 70 F, it took less than 1' 30" to bring the water to a rolling boil in my kitchen with an ambient temperature of 70 F. Outside, with a brisk wind, ambient temp of 68 F, and a crude wind screen, it took 1' 55" to bring the water to a rolling boil.

Not bad.


Those find at the bottom of the large pot really make a difference - that’s the whole concept on a JetBoil. But I wish they had made a way for the to put/lid to twist on to the large out so they don’t separate. They look like they are tight together in the pics, but they aren’t. My only pet peeve


I go this as a gift for a friend but tested it before I gave it to him. I tested it with an almost identical pan that did not have the heat exchange. I used the same amount of water in each pan (3/4th full) and the same pocket rocket burner. This pan boiled water at 2min 45 seconds whereas the pan without the heat exchange boiled the same amount of water at 3min30 seconds. Not bad! as far as construction it is solid enough and plenty light for its price point.