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Camping Tarp


Our Crua deluxe tarp offers lightweight (915g) protection from all weather conditions, perfect for camping or picnics. We use 190T polyester to create the tarp, and it comes with a 5,000 HH rating to protect you from the rain. 

The tarp's large size (4M x 3M) gives you ample protection from the sun on a hot day. To help keep you cool during sunny days, we use reflective aluminum on one side to help redirect the sun’s rays away from you. 

It’s also large enough to cover a hammock, making it great for any camping experience. What makes it stand out from other tarps is the ability to use the reflective aluminum panel to redirect the sun’s rays away from you. 

If the temperature starts to drop, you can rest assured you stay warm during a long winter night. 

Setting the tarp up could is easy; it comes with a series of quick-release toggles. You can use the tarps toggles to connect it to trees or stake it to the ground. 

Whether you’re going on a solo camping trip or a family camp, you can rest assured you’re protected from the elements.