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Crua Self Inflating Camping Mattress


The difference between having a comfortable night’s sleep and a cold and uncomfortable night comes down to how well you can insulate your body. And this is why we designed our self-inflating mattress to withstand temperatures between -13°F (-25°C) and 113°F (45°C). 

Product Descriptions:

  • The Crua Self-Inflating Mattress is designed to give you the sleep you deserve after an adventurous day out in the wild. The sleeping pad has a tapered design to give maximum space and portability.
  • Our thermal mattress pad is tailored for frigid temperatures and has a rating of -13°F (-25°C). The Crua camping sleeping pad is designed for sustainable warmth for every sleeper at below-freezing temperatures.
  • The Crua Sleeping Mattress is made from a 100% ripstop nylon exterior, built to be durable and lightweight along with top quality specs we also made this sleeping mattress waterproof
  • The Crua Sleeping Pad is waterproof and airtight and is super simple to clean by hand. To make carrying this on your camping trip easier it comes with a convenient travel stuff sack small enough to fit any backpack
  • To inflate, simply twist the valve counter-clockwise to open, roll out the mattress pad and it will begin self-inflating. Depending on firmness preference, a couple of extra puffs of air can be blown into the pad. Then twist the valve clockwise to close. Packing up your mattress is just as easy. Open the valve and roll the mattress pad from the opposite end of the valve to push the air out.