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Emergency Bivvy Tent


1. An emergency blanket can be used to cover the body to prevent a sharp drop in body temperature

2. When the vehicle breaks down in the cold or at night, use emergency blankets to keep your body warm;

3. The first aid blanket can be used as a reflective film to send signals to rescuers;

4. On rainy days, the emergency blanket can be used as a rain poncho; or can be used to make a shelter

5. under direct sunlight, use to cover the front windshield of the car  to reduce heat absorption in the car;

6. Put a first aid blanket in the sleeping bag to keep warm;


1. It is made of new thermal insulation materials with good thermal insulation performance. It can keep warm when used in a low-temperature environment.

2. Put in a sleeping bag to have a thermal insulation effect. It can effectively reflect sunlight and heat in a hot climate and maintain the body's temperature.

3. Strong reflection makes it easy to signal in an emergency

4. It is suitable for field exploration, survey, tourism, and use when disasters occur. It is convenient to carry, compact, and practical.


78.4 x  35.4 in