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Flexible Solar Panel


Product details

Easy to use: This product is a semi-flexible board that can be bent up to 30 degrees. It is suitable for mounting on irregular smooth surfaces such as RV roofs, boats, tents, yachts, vaulted roofs, etc. High efficiency, Lightweight: only 0.8mm thick, weight 1kg, easy to hang, disassemble and carry. Easy to install: Metal holes in the four corners of the product for fixing screws and mounting. Each solar panel has been tested several times. Please install the product on a smooth surface, do not install it on an uneven surface.



Type: Solar Panel

Size: 1055x540

Number of Panels: 1

Number of Cells: 32/36

Model Number: 16VDFSP-100M/DFSP-100M

Max. Power: 100W

Material: Monocrystalline Silicon

18V-Voc: 22.50V

18V-Vmp: 18.00V

18V-I sc: 5.81A

18V-I MPP: 5.56A