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Marine Navigation Compass



1. Illuminated compass: Two power cords this magnetic compass can be connected to a power supply dashboard vehicle or sea ship. Marine compass for ship dashboard with incandescent light suitable for night trips.

 2. Easy to read: A boating compass mounted up in the boat to travel with a compass it lights up at night or day is easy to read. The boat compass is designed for marine ships and watercraft.

3. Big boat compass: Surface mounts easily to almost any flat surface with included foam sticker or two screws. Ball ship compass for navigation is made of waterproof & corrosion-resistant ABS plastic.

 4. Premium quality: Waterproof, durable, and long-lasting. With a mounting screw slot, more stable for navigational course changes. Individually balanced dials for Precision. Easy to read precision dial. Easy to install, with Screw-On Mounting Screw.

5. Marine dash compass: Direction is the same heading direction of the ship. The boat compass for the dashboard shows the heading on top and the 180 degrees direction on the side so you can get back.


This compass is designed for boats or watercraft. the reading is entirely opposite to the normal compass.


 Size: 14 x 12 x 11cm

 Material: ABS

Type: Illuminated marine compass