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Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker


Product Description:

  • With motivational words and time markers, our water bottle will help you to drink more water and measure your daily intake. It's perfect for outdoor activities, fitness sports, running, hiking, and workout.
  • Wide-mouth opening design makes this sports water bottle easy to clean and fill with ice cubes and fruits, a silicone straw keeps you hydrated, and the flip-top lid is simply opened with one hand by clicking the button.
  • The cute water bottle is dishwasher-safe and made of premium PETG material. High-quality, food-grade, safe, reusable water bottle, which is toxin-free.
  • The 100% leakproof, 32oz water bottle is made from lightweight yet durable material. Designed with a comfortable and portable carry strap and carry hook, the water bottle can be carried or hung on the bag, so you can carry it anywhere and anytime. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Love the color I take it everywhere!!! Especially around the track!!! It's a motivational and u can't sip pretty!!!💪🏾😍👌🏾


This bottle meets my needs daily in getting enough water to drink daily! I would recommend this product for daily consumption of water needed daily! Also, the bottle comes with a strap that is easily carried.


We have tons of water bottles. This one has a built in silicone or soft straw. This makes a huge difference. You don't have to chug the bottle up and down. Helps me drink more efficiently and precisely without spilling. I find myself drinking more with this bottle than the bottles without the straw.


I love this bottle and it is perfect for me except for that it's a little hard to suck water into the straw and it has aggravated my TMJ problem / jaw pain. I did take the straw out but it's not the same. I plan to pour it into a cup hourly instead which is not very convenient when I am on the go. You may also need a bottle brush to clean it. Otherwise, I think it's perfect.


This arrived exactly as described. I do like the locking feature and I like that it flips back for easier opening. I like the color I ordered as well. If I had to say something I didn’t care for, I don’t like that the caring strap isn’t in a fixed location, it can slide around. Some might like that feature though.