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Naturehike Mongar 3 Season Backpacking Tent



  • Naturehike's Mongar 3-season, 2-person backpacking tent is famous for its ultra-lightweight and space-saving design. Weighing only 4 lbs for the whole set, the Mongar tent's packing size is 19.6 x 5.9 x 5.9 in.
  • The Mongar tent is made of top-quality materials. The rainfly is 20D polyester with a 4000mm waterproof index; The bottom of the tent is 20D polyester with a 4000mm waterproof index; The poles are made of 7001 aluminum.
  • The Mongar 2-person tent has 2 doors, one on each side, for easy access. The 2 vestibules provide larger storage space for gear than standard 2-person tents; Each of the vestibules can be fully or partially closed for desired air circulation and sun shade.
  • Naturehike's tents come with a straightforward instruction manual. The installation instructions are sewn inside the stuff sack. The Y-frame structure of our Mongar tent makes setup extremely easy and quick. The usual setup time for a person's first use of the Mongar tent is around 5 minutes.




Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nick H.

Lightweight tents are nobody's friend when it comes to their pockets. Comparatively, this tent is wonderfully priced. When you include that this also comes with everything you need, it makes you feel like you've gotten a wonderful deal and so far, I would say I did.
I'm unsure of the durability of this tent yet, and will update after a few more outings with it, but what I can say is that the poles feel like they'll last forever and the tent floor feels like it's as durable as silk. Hopefully it's not. The footprint included helps out a bit.
The zippers are smooth and have yet to snag, and I appreciate that very much. The vestibules are large enough to keep your bag and accessories dry if you run into rain. Inside the tent, moisture seems low, even in high humidity.
I look forward to using this tent more.

Th3 Admiral

This is my first "nice" tent after using cheap Walmart tents and military surplus ones most of my life. I'm very happy with it so far. It's roomy for one person, though it'd be pretty cozy with two. It seems to breath well, even when completely sealed up in a rainstorm. I had no condensation issues like most other tents I've owned, and I like how the poles hold the rainfly away from the screen so there is less chance of water dripping on you. I especially love how it is almost entirely screen so when you take the rain fly off you can enjoy the awesome scenery of wherever you are camping.

My only complaints are that it is a bit small for two people and the vestibules really aren't all that big. There wouldn't be room for a large pack outside the tent. The rain fly also rests an inch or two above ground level, so in a real good rain storm any gear in the vestibule would possibly get wet. Still, I really love the tent and would highly recommend it, especially for the price.

William B.

Have used this tent a few times now but this past weekend my wife and I took it to Arkansas on a backpacking trip and our last night it poured. We ended up being in a slight low spot and there was about an inch of water standing and none got into the tent. The base of the tent felt like a water bed with all the water under it and still none seeped through. It is a tight fit for 2 people but still can manage. Another perk is that it comes with a good and light footprint.


This is *straight up* the exact same tent as the MSR hubba hubba tent. I'm not kidding. This tent is absolutely awesome. I got it because (like most people) I couldn't afford a $400 tent. This mongar tent came with a footprint, fly, and in purple. *purple!!*

I set this up on a windy day just to see how it works, and it was *great*! When actually using it, I took it on a multi-day road trip where I packed and unpacked it for four consecutive nights, then another for two nights. There was not a single rip, tear, or snag in this thing after any of this. My boyfriend, who got a different 2 person tent off amazon, had at least twelve holes in his after the end of this journey. (yellow tent). He returned his.

There are three little pockets - one of them is in the roof and can hold a light. The other two are at the head and foot of the tent and are shallow (about 5 in) and span the width of the tent. Size-wise, the tent is really snug for two people. For anyone over 5' 10" it might be uncomfortable. For one person, it's nice and comfy for a big sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, and a carry-on suitcase. The tent is very light and easy to put up. I didn't have any trouble except for the crossbeams. (the poles in this tent resemble this : >-+-

Dave P.

waterproof.... yup, lightweight....yup, Durable.... yup honestly as much as i hike and use this tent, the tent has held up to everything i throw at it.... just a great tent... thats all i can say