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Dual Band Walkie Talkie


Band VHF/UHF Dual Band
TX Frequency 400~480MHz /136~174MHz
RX Frequency 400~520MHz/136~174MHz/
Channel Capacity 512x2
Output Power 5W/10W/20W
Operation Mode Half-Duplex
(L*W*H) 152×77×42mm
Weight 300g
Limitation ≤±5KHz
Radiation 60dB
TX Current 1A/1.8A/3.5A
Stability ±2.5PPM
Rx Sensitivity <0.18µV
Modulation Type F3E
Audio Power ≥400mW
Rated Voltage 12.6V


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mr. G.

- Well over 20+ Watts of measured power output on High settings.
- Simple operation.
- Effective and quick scanner.
- Easy to use.
- Huge battery capacity.
- Good built.
- Fine buttons with great feel and sensitivity.
- Built-in cooling fan is very effective.
- Simple programming with factory software.
- All three function buttons can be customized.
- Sensitivity is good.
- Audio sound quality is good, built-in speaker loud and clear.
- Uses standard SMA-Female antennas that most inexpensive radios use also.
- Standard Kenwood-type dual-plug connectors, so regular programming cables (used for Baofeng and others) work just fine.
- Speaker mic was also included, which was not mentioned in the description, so it was a pleasant surprise.

- No display or led indication for power level.
- No flash-light.
- No audio Alarm.
- Belt clip is flimsy and the spring is weak.
- Cooling fan noise transmits out.
- Stock antenna gets warm on HIGH power output.
- Brand label was missing, but they sent label after complaining about it.

- This radio is a GINORMOUS of a BEAST! It is HUGE!!! And I mean... HUGE!!! Other radios look ridiculously tiny and minuscule next to it! It feels as heavy as a brick! :D And I LOVE it like that for some reason.
- The built-in cooling fan turns on pretty quick and it transmits out the noise, but it's not that bad. Little bit distracting but won't severely interfere with communication. By option, the fan CAN be turned off, but I'm not sure it would be wise.
- On new batteries the measured power output was as follows: LOW = 6.3 Watts, MEDIUM = 10.7 Watts, HIGH = 20.8 Watts, however, as the battery gets "trained", that is recharged multiple times, this value is expected to rise higher!
- Unfortunately there is no built-in flash light of any sort, nor any audio Alarm, which I feel should have been included.
- There are two ways to check the actual power settings: One, by listening the power selector sound (if set by software) as the button push is long-shorter-short when switched to change power settings. Two, by the color of the transmission led light from BLUE = LOW, PURPLE = MEDIUM, HIGH = RED.
- The stock antenna DID get slightly warm on HIGH transmission, however, using transmitting on HIGH with the stock antenna close to the body is NOT recommended in the first place, so with the stock, use ONLY the LOW and MEDIUM settings, and use external antennas for HIGH power.
- The brief and very basic user guide (a printed out piece of paper) warns that programming should be done on LOW settings, so pay attention in your programming to select LOW on ALL entered frequencies, because on HIGH power settings the programming cable can be damaged!!!
- All 3 function buttons can be customized (top red + 2 left side buttons) for various functions, each for short and long pressed status, which is great!
- This is definitely NOT the type of "pocket radio" that you just clip onto your belt, because it's so heavy that it will pull down your pants! :D
- Battery eliminator for cigarette lighter operation is available for a small extra price.
- Reception was very sensitive.
- Audio is clear, speaker is laud and clear.
- Belt-clip feels flimsy and weak, the spring can't even hold the weight of the radio.
- The LEIXEN label was missing from the unit, but the company has sent a label separately, which was very nice. :)

CONCLUSION: This is one of those "got to have it" type of radio that ALL serious HAMs should have, if for nothing else, because it's so unique. A definite "collector's item". Power is great, but under no circumstances, ever use it on HIGH power while holding it next to your face!!! It's jut WAY TOO POWERFUL and can be VERY dangerous to your eyes (first and foremost). Also, because of its tremendous power, DO NOT try to use your regular antennas that probably only capable of handling a maximum of 10 Watts, which this radio exceeds even on MEDIUM settings! If you do, you WILL (!!!) most certainly destroy your unit, so DON'T DO IT!!! For HIGH power transmissions either get proper an on-unit antenna or use external antennas that are at least 50 Watt power qualified and be sure you only use the HIGH power when it is absolutely necessary! Though the radio is REALLY HUGE, it feels good in a larger hand and the buttons feel great with comfortable sensitivity. The 4000 mAh battery is not only big and powerful, but operates on 12.6 Volts that this BEAST of a radio requires for that high power output. This radio can be a great choice even as a mobile, easy to install/remove portable UHF unit that requires no special installation, only a simple hook-up to a magnet-mount car antenna and that's it! Though the radio is not perfect (see CONS mentioned above), it is most definitely one of my MOST FAVORITE handhelds of all! The price is a bit high, but you get a very powerful, interesting and unique radio for it. It may not be the perfect radio for a beginner, but a seasoned HAM will surely apprec...


Excellent walkie-talkies, delivered quickly, thank you