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Powered Camping Cooler



21Qt - 58Qt Portable Freezer

LED Display & Efficient Cooling & Low Noise

This superior portable small car refrigerator has a modern appearance with a simple black and gray color assortment. A compact design, digital control panel, and two power cables are ideal for indoor and outdoor fridge use.

Adequate Space
The ample space provides sufficient space for you to store food, which can hold multiple cans and bottles simultaneously to meet the appetite of different people. So don't worry about food or beverage shortages at events or on the road.
Rapid refrigeration
Our car refrigerator has a fast cooling speed and can quickly drop from 20℃ to 0℃ in 15 minutes. And it can last for 10 hours after cutting off the power supply.
Precise Control
The onboard refrigerator can regulate the temperature and mode through the digital panel, which can monitor the temperature and power at any time. You can also use the mobile app to control the temperature and provide you with a USB socket for charging.
Humanized Design
The built-in LED light allows you to see the inside of the refrigerator. The built-in handle allows you to move the fridge quickly. The heat dissipation net ensures that the temperature of the machine will not be too high during use.
Secure Driving
The three-layer battery protection can prevent the refrigerator from depleting the vehicle's battery. It is designed to be low-noise and ensure you have a good sleep after driving for a long time. The fridge can also be kept stable by tilting 45°.
Wide Application
Operating at 12 / 24V DC and 110-240 AC, the 12V refrigerator freezer can be connected to an automobile cigarette lighter and household power supply. A portable compressor refrigerator is suitable for RV, campsite, boat, camping, fishing, and outdoor activities.
55L / 58 Quarts Car Refrigerator


Voltage: 12/24V(DC), 110-240V(AC)

Description: Portable Fridge/Freezer

Power: 45/60W

Net Weight: 19.8-36.8 lbs

Features 3: Fast Cooling & Energy-Saving

Features 2: 3-Level Protection

Features 1: APP or Manual Control

Cooling Range: -20℃- 10℃/-4℉- 50℉

Capacity: 20/22/35/45/55 L

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Our old cooler just could not keep things cool, so we got this excellent Refrigerator. It can be used as a cooler or freezer all controlled by phone. It come with both 12 dc and 110 ac adapters. It is a little pricy but the quality is there. We would recommend. We keep ours in the storage compartment plugged in on the RV.


This mini fridge works exactly as expected, and keeps drinks nice and cold! However, there are a few small issues with this fridge.
1) Bluetooth is really more of a gimmick than a polished feature. I've found it difficult to keep connected to Bluetooth, and quite often I have to re-pair my device to the fridge.
2) when charging a device from the built in USB port, the fridge will read the input voltage as much as 1 volt lower.
3) condensation builds up along the sides of the interior of the fridge, and slowly forms a puddle sitting at the bottom of the fridge.

Other than these issues, this fridge is great as an off grid companion so long as you can swallow the higher price.


I live in AZ so it does get warm. I bought in October 2022 and have had this in my car running around the clock. I set it for 33° and leave it on Eco mode. It was 80-90° ambient when i got it bit has since cooled to the 60’s ambient temperature. I have a EcoFlow 576Wh portable battery pack and the refrigerator/freezer will run for about 2 days before recharging it. I believe the interior is well insulated.

So far have had no issues with the refrigerator. I also have an external thermometer for reading the interior to compare the temperature on the unit itself and it is fairly accurate. Set at 33° it will be 25°-34° temperature swings as it is cooling down between cycles. Sodas or other beverages come out frosty when opened but not frozen. For the money i am impressed with the quality. Wish they made a larger version.


Got the 50L to replace and Engel and I actually prefer this better. Lighter and has an interior light. Top opens the shorter way which helps. Better at freezing than as a refridge. I set it at 37-38deg F to keep things from freezing.

Get the app to set the temp range. If I won't connect with Bluetooth, turn your phone off and restart.

Excellent value and I am thinking of buying the smaller 40L or 30L one. The 50L is fairly large and an excellent value.


The refrigerator works perfectly, cools down to-20 in 15 min. Bluetooth phone adjusts any mode and reflects the refrigerator readings. I recommend buying.