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Solar Power Hand Crank Radio


Product Details:

  • A small, compact, and light model with a fresh green look, weight 0.256KG (excluding battery), size: 13.3*6.2*4.7CM. Easy to carry so you'll hardly notice it's in your bag; with an alarm function and flashlight function. Suitable for outdoor, camping, fishing, and other emergencies
  • Three power supply methods, rechargeable battery power, AAA (7) battery power, solar power, 4 charging methods, cranking Hand crank power generation, solar power charging, USB charging, and computer charging, also can use DE13 for mobile phones, MP3, MP4.
  • It features a high-quality speaker and IC with good reception and can be tuned to FM/WM/SW. It has two easy-to-control turntables: one for the mixer and the other for the volume control, and comes with an antenna with enhanced reception. Good extensibility to help you get a better signal wherever you are.
  • What you get: DEGEN DE13 Radio, Rechargeable Battery, USB charging cable, wrist band, manual.

Function: Built-In Speaker
Type: AM / FM
Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery Pack
Dimensions (WxHxD): 5.23 x 2.44 x 1.85in
Alarm Function
Lighting Function
Power Supply: Solar charging/ Rechargeable Battery/ DC powered
Color: Green



Frequency Range:
FM: 87 ~ 108 MHz
MW: 520 ~ 1620 KHz
SW1: 5.80 ~ 10.00MHz
SW2: 11.60 ~ 18.20 MHz

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Madam Lamgar

I'd been wanting to get a wind up radio for ages, and finally decided upon this one. Having had it for a couple of weeks, I finally got the chance to give it a 'proper' test today, as I was unable to listen to my online radio during an internet outage.
Such an easy to use radio - it has very straightforward instructions and the unit is very chunky and sturdy. There are several charging options - solar power, mechanical winding, charging via cable or regular batteries. The sound quality is excellent - it is easy to find stations and the reception is great; I used it out in the garden and in the kitchen for several hours with no problems. I would say that it has even better reception than my old DAB radio, to be honest! I intend to use it regularly now, to maintain the battery and make sure it works during a real emergency.
Highly recommended.

P.D. M.

An ideal piece of kit for anyone wanting a radio which works with no need for external power or disposable batteries.
Mine cost £20 & it’s packed with useful features.
The rechargeable battery in it will charge with the hand crank, solar or, usb charge or mains. AAA batteries can also be used in a different panel.
It’s robust enough and small sized for packing. I’ve found the signal strength & sound quality to be above expectations.
The facility to use a built in USB port to charge another device is also a major bonus as you can charge mobiles, cameras, etc for free.
My instructions were clear, in English & as others have noted, the supplied rechargeable battery is disconnected when delivered.
The torch is a bonus and is bright enough for emergency use. There’s also a siren & flashing red light.


Not just for emergencies, I won't lie I've purchased this as we're as close to Nuclear war right now (03.03.22) since the Cuban blockade. Right, the radios reception is excellent, and quality of sound for a small radio is more than adequate, and goes quite loud.

Build quality is very nice, the dial wheel for scanning the wavelengths is smooth and picks up faint stations, like on SW. USB Slots, earpiece 3.5mm jack plug. The Torch is nice and bright and has two modes, white light, and a single red center flashing light, good for letting others see your position, plus an alarm sound too, all good safety features. But where it excels is the ways you can power it.

Place 3 AAA rechargeable in and you can solar charge or use the hand crank handle to charge via its dynamo, plus it has a built in power pack which also is chargeable, so all areas are covered so the unit will always have power, a big must I'm hoping not to put to the test, and hopefully when it finishes, I'll have a nice little radio that can go anywhere.
I'd only say take care with the FM Aerial, it's thin and wouldn't take much to break it, but any radio this size would be the same, so it's not a fault.

I would recommend this little radio 100%, its well made, nice simple analog Tuner, tons of features which work superbly, it'll even charge your phone, but I haven't tried it yet, but even if you only gave it 10 or 20%, that's the difference between being able to use your phone and not. This purchase was a no brainer, you wont be disappointed!


Everything I require in an emergency radio in addition to solar and dynamo charging, flashlight and alarm. Tried everything and all works as expected. Very happy with quality and value.


It's a personnal radio receiver, activated by solar energy, dynamo, and two kind of batteries.
Gives light, sound and energy for other equipment.
Robust, little volume to carry, and buttons in good position to activate.