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Goose Down Sleeping Bag

$129.99 $234.99

This super warm, lightweight sleeping bag is made from high-quality goose down. It's sleek and stylish, and water-resistant. Whether you're camping, hunting, or just looking for a warm and cozy blanket to snooze on, this is the perfect sleeping bag for you. They are not only a warm and light sleeping bag, but they also help to keep you dry.


Comfortable Temperature Scale: [15℃~5℃]
Single/Double Sleeping Bag: Splicing Single Sleeping Bag
Length: Standard (Suitable for 1.8 m Height and Below)
Category: Down Sleeping Bag
Filling: Goose Down
Size: 190 x 72 cm
Fabric: Nylon
Style: Envelope Type
Down Filling Power: 800
Unfold Size: CW280-190x72 cm, CWM400-200x80 cm
Packing Size: CW280-12x26 cm, CWM400-16x35 cm
Net Weight: CW280-570g, CWM400-790g