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Tactical Hiking Backpack


Every hiker knows that carrying the right gear can make or break a trip. Lightweight and durable, the Tactical Hiking Backpack is a perfect solution for your backcountry adventures. Whether you're hiking, backpacking, or on a weekend trip, this bag is perfect for carrying everything you need plus more.

Features a spacious main compartment with zip-up closure, interior zip-up, mesh pockets, and front storage zip-up compartments.

Secures to your back with an adjustable chest belt and hip belt clasp. Breathable mesh backing provides a comfortable feel in hotter weather.

Padded, fast-release and adjustable shoulder straps relieve pressure on shoulders while carrying heavy loads.

Material: Polyester
Weight: Approx 2.2lbs 
Item Height: 16 inch
Item Width: 9.9 inch
Capacity: 35L