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Women Heated Pants (Batteries not included)


Product Details

Closure Type: Drawstring
Rise Style: High Rise
Material: Cotton and Carbon Fiber
Color: Black
Adjustable temperature: 25°C, 35°C, 45°C

About this Item

  • Materials for a comfortable base layer warmer in cold weather. 
  • Hot zones in the abdomen, waist, knee, and leg per 2pcs heat pads separately. Help promote blood circulation, enhance metabolism, reduce muscle stiffness, etc., activate blood, and keep warm for your body.
  • High-quality fabrics are made of lightweight synthetic fabric and are waterproof and breathable. The lining is made of polyester elastane for comfort and warmth. They can be both thermal pants in winter outdoors.
  • Lightweight electric Heated pants USB rechargeable, can be heated up quickly in 15-30 seconds. 3 Temperature Settings Level Adjustment.
  • General USB interface power supply universal battery. Infrared heating. No harmful radiation. Waterproof and warm, anti-static, light, and close. The washable power supply interface uses insulation and waterproof treatment. Long battery life, 5V voltage 1000mAh, continuous heat for 8 hours.
  • Perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities such as camping, jogging, dog-walking, working outdoors, hunting, skiing, fishing, hiking, biking, and riding motorcycles.